Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Mane Story

The hairstylist Acacio da Silva and photographer Julian Wolkenstein have given us a genuine funny (fashion?) moment with their humanized horse portraits.

Even if the artists didn’t have a concrete reason nor commission to, well how shall we put this “give horses a good hair day”, photographer Wolkenstein commented that occasionally, “it’s important to do personal projects just for fun, not to sell anything”.
Don’t be fooled however by the images ridiculous side – according to the artists the concept is to reveal the human obsession with refining the best parts of the body.
Once the team decided to use horses as their models, attention was placed on their manes, adding bizarre, astonishing and unique extensions. “Apart from casting horses and preparation work which took a few months, each horse took a full day to shoot” they told a U.K newspaper.

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