Saturday, 28 May 2011

Todd Eberle | Empire of Space

American Flag, Millerton, New York, August 2006

Grandparents and Dog, Houston, Texas, November 1995

Agnes Martin, Gallisteo, New Mexico, 1992

Todd Eberle: Empire of Space

Foreword by Glenn O'Brien, Contribution by David Hickey, Photographed by Todd Eberle, Introduction by Graydon Carter
Contrasting ultramodernist photographs taken over a thirty-year period constitute the first book by one of the most celebrated photographers working today. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1963, and first coming into prominence in the early 1990s with his iconic photographs of Donald Judd’s works and architecture, Todd Eberle’s photographs document the disparate images that make up American architecture, landscapes, and society and are united by a minimalist aesthetic that runs through his work. Whether his approach to a particular subject is earnest (an unfurling flag) or kitsch (the Vegas strip), Eberle brings to his photographs a heightened sense of precision, symmetry, and proportion. The Empire of Space is a lavish look at Eberle’s career and features many rare and never-before-published portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and interiors. In the spirit of Walker Evans, Eberle creates an enduring and poetic portrait of America, the arts, and architecture through thoughtfully contrasting and analogous photographs. This exciting and definitive book on Eberle’s illustrious legacy is sure to rank among the most important publications to mix modernism, minimalism, and photography.

About the Author

Todd Eberle is a professional photographer and artist based in New York City. He is currently the photographer-at-large for Vanity Fair and regularly contributes to the New York Times Style Magazine, Interview, and the Wall Street Journal Magazine, among others.

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